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PRACTICE TEST: - Practice test means that you can give a test on a given topic at different times before the expiry date of your series. All these tests have video explansions at the end of the test.

LIVE TEST: This type of test can only be given once between the due date and time. Its main purpose is to discipline your preparation over time.


general classification 

metabolism 1

invertebrates studies

metabolism test 2


MSc Entrance cell basics Membrane & ER

Economic zoology

Cell Bio 1


cell bio 2

Animal behavior Test 1


animal behavior test 2

Micro immuno mix

Ecology and biodiversity

evolution 1

animal physiology 1

genetics 1

animal physiology 2

Genetics 2

developmental biology 

molecular genetics 1

molecular genetics 2

modern ZOOLOGY mock test 1

Classical  ZOOLOGY mock test 2

Series Test