History, Art, Culture, Literature and Heritage of Rajasthan

· Ancient Civilizations of Rajasthan and its major sites.

· Major dynasties of Rajasthan and its rulers through the Ages and their

cultural achievements (1000-1800 A.D.).

· Political resistance of Rajput rulers against Muslim Power.

· (i) Bhakti Movement and Sufism in Medieval Rajasthan, Saints and Sects.

(ii) Folk gods and goddesses.

· Political Awakening and Freedom Movement in Rajasthan:1857, Peasant

and Tribal Movements, Prajamandal Movements, Contribution of Women in

Social and Political awakening.

· (i)Folk Culture: Fairs and Festivals, Different Schools of Painting, Folk

Tales and Gathas, Folk Songs, Folk Dances, Folk Music and Instruments.

(ii) Dress and Ornaments, Handicrafts

· Rajasthani Language: Origin and Development.

· Main Dialects and Region.

· Rajasthani Scripts: Mudia and Devnagari.

· (a) Rajasthani Literature: Its Evolution.

(i) Early Period

(ii) Pre-Medieval Period

(iii) Post- Medieval Period

(iv) Modern Period.

(b) Famous Writers and their Works.

· Tourism and Rajasthan: Heritage, Tourism Policy and Vision

Geography of Rajasthan

· Physical features, Geological structure, Drainage system and Geographical regions.

· Climate, Natural vegetation, Soil resources, minerals and Power resources.

· Population- Characteristics, Live-Stock and Fisheries, Wildlife and


· Agriculture, Irrigation system and Irrigation-Projects, Industries and Industrial Development.

· Special Area Development Programmes, Drought and Famines, Desertification Hazard in Rajasthan.

Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan

· Governor, Chief Minister and Council of Ministers.

· State Legislative Assembly, High Court and Judicial System of Rajasthan.

· Rajasthan Public Service Commission, State Election Commission, State Finance Commission, State Human Rights Commission, State Commission for Women, State Information Commission, Lokayukta and Auditor General.

· Chief Secretary, Government Secretariat, Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), Divisional Commissioner, District Administration, Panchayati Raj Institutions and Local- Self Government.

· Government Policies and Developmental Programmes, Legal Rights, Citizen Charters, Social Audit.

Economy of Rajasthan

· Rajasthan Economy- Characteristics, compositional trend of SDP, Occupational Distribution.

· Major Issues –

(a)Agriculture Sector- Major Rabi and Kharif Crops, Irrigated and Non- Irrigated Area, Land Holding.

(b) Industrial Sector- obstacles, role and problems of Small-Scale Industries, State Public Enterprises, SEZ, RIICO, RFC.

(c) Service Sector- Child Education, Health Programmes, Mid-Day Meal Programme, Banking and Insurance Services, Out sourcing, Agriculture and Industrial Finance, Agricultural Insurance.

· Growth, Development and Planning- State Five Year Plans, State Budget, State Planning Board, Growth Rate of Agriculture, Industrial and Service

Sector, Use of Renewable Resources, Resurgent Rajasthan.

· Major Development Projects- State River Valley Projects, other State’s River Valley Projects for Rajasthan, D.F.C.C., Rural Electrification, Rural

Roads Development Programmes, National Highways and State Highways, Power Projects, Projects financed by Foreign Institutions.

· Programmes and Schemes of Government for Economically and Socially Backward Classes, Disabled Persons, Old Aged People, Women

Empowerment and Child Development.

Contemporary Events

· Major Contemporary events and issues of Rajasthan.

· Persons and Places in News.

· Sports and Games.